Addressing Injustices
Addressing Injustices
Addressing Injustices brings together teachers and youth to read, write, make art, and change the world.

What happens when youth and teachers work together to address social injustices through reading, writing, and art-making?


The Addressing Injustices project explores that question.

We believe that when students are invited to collaborate with and work alongside teachers, community members, teacher educators, and researchers, they become motivated to engage in the world around them in creative and critical ways. We also understand literacy education as an activity that involves not just reading and writing, but also one that makes links to issues of concern to students, and aims to critically re-read and re-write the world, with the goal of increasing equity and justice. 


Our Research

In the same way that we invite youth to respond to text through painting, poetry, and performance art, our research takes multiple forms, including films, podcasts, and more traditional articles and book chapters—often written with young people as co-authors. Our films, Gender is Like an Ocean (2017) and After Night (2015) are available for free online, as are many of our written pieces and conference presentations.