Addressing Injustices
Addressing Injustices
Addressing Injustices brings together teachers and middle school students to read, write, and change the world.

What happens when kids and teachers work together to address social injustices through reading, writing, and art-making?

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The Addressing Injustices project explores that question.

Funded by an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry for Research and Innovation, this five-year project will involve 150 students and 100 teacher candidates as partners in co-creating curriculum for five young adult novels that explore issues of ethnic, racial, religious or gender identity, cultural, and the function of power in society.


“If I don’t do risky work in my teaching, I’m not interested in teaching.”

— Sarah, Delta Teacher


Addressing Injustices involves critical practitioner research, generating curriculum and understandings from the material realities educators face daily, including students’ and teachers cultural histories and experiences of societal inequities. It also involves youth participatory action research. Teachers and youth in the Addressing Injustices project are partners in the research process. We conduct this work in classrooms and communities where we intend to affect change.